Replace Stolen Items

Replace stolen items
apl020217j/ASECTION/020217/pierre-louis/JOURNAL APD Officer Simon Drobik,, talks about the recovered stolen property at the Northeast Heights Substation .Photographed on Thursday February 2, 2017. .Adolphe Pierre-Louis/JOURNAL

Replace Stolen Items

Burglary, theft, and robbery each amount to billions of dollars in total monetary losses every year. Larceny-theft
(or simply “theft”) is defined as the unlawful removal of property. Burglary is defined as the unlawful entry into Replace stolen items
almost any structure with the intent to commit a crime inside.1
Robbery, on the other hand, is the violent theft of
property or money.

The Owner’s Proof advantage goes a long way when working with authorities to retrieve lost goods. Suppose you are at a watch or gun show and someone breaks into your vehicle and steals your prized possessions. Naturally, your instinct is to call the police. Then what?

How would you — on the spot — have a convenient and easy way to furnish the necessary information and at the same time send to insurance? Chances are good you’d have to spend several hours gathering this paperwork. With Owner’s Proof you can send the police reports, Replace stolen items full item descriptions and photos for quick reimbursement. You can also share on social media for friends and neighbors to “be on the lookout” for your items. Share in groups, pages and more. Items are most likely to be recovered quickly using the share on social media feature from the OwnersProof® app. Yes, it’s that easy!

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