Owner’s Proof

Owner’s Proof provides you with a safe and secure method of documenting your cherished belongings and assets. Share on social media, submit claims to insurance, submit to police, legal authorities and more!


According to the LA Times, the average American household has 300,000 items. Can you account for each and every heirloom, momento, keepsake, etc.? Likely not — and you’re not alone. That’s where we come into the picture.

Owner’s Proof provides you with a safe and secure method of documenting your cherished belongings and assets. We make it easy for you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your possessions are accounted for, should you need to furnish proof of ownership at any point down the road.

With our proven system you can save specific details about items of value for police reports, insurance, and potential buyers. You can also share images and specs on social media as a sale listing or in hopes of recovering a lost or stolen asset. Yes, it’s that easy to keep tabs on your stuff once and for all!

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Inventory app

Insurance Claims

No one likes to hassle with insurance claims no matter the circumstance. And when it comes to personal property, filing a claim can sometimes be even more difficult. The burden falls on you, the owner, to prove prior possession and get compensated for the loss.

Say you have a collection of guns, knives, guitars, musical instruments, jewelry, watches etc. Would you be able to furnish proof of ownership without putting in endless hours hunting for records? With Owner’s Proof, you can instantly provide your insurance company, police or any other party the necessary paperwork by simply accessing your records in the cloud.

Proof Of Ownership

This advantage goes a long way when working with authorities to retrieve lost goods. Suppose you are at a watch or gun show and someone breaks into your vehicle and steals your prized possessions. Naturally, your instinct is to call the police. Then what?

How would you — on the spot — have a convenient and easy way to furnish the necessary information and at the same time send to insurance? Chances are good you’d have to spend several hours gathering this paperwork. With Owner’s Proof you can send the police reports, full item descriptions and photos for quick reimbursement. Yes, it’s that easy!

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Inventory app

Item Descriptions

Your items descriptions can mean the difference between insurance reimbursement or experiencing a total loss. For instance, in the event of an emergency you will need to provide specific information, including year, make and model of the item, as well as documentation of any defects or imperfections. You’ll be required to submit photos to the insurance companies and law enforcement, too.

Now for the good news..

With Owner’s Proof you’re more likely to get a much higher payout from the insurance company by providing details through our insurance-approved platform.

Social Sharing

Everyone wants to show off their unique items. We make it easy — you can select the article you want to share on social media and any relevant details and photo proof. This feature really comes in handy should your belonging come up missing. Many of our members have had their non-replaceable items returned simply by clicking the “share item” and “list as lost or stolen” on social media.

By selecting lost or stolen, it also sends information to over one thousand blogs with notices of rewards. In this way, you can harness the power of the internet and expedite the search. If your item is stolen, Owner’s Proof will provide a $1000 cash reward for its return.

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We believe our solution is for everyone and we want to bring it to the masses with fair and affordable pricing. You can’t get much more affordable than free, right? Get to know Owner’s Proof with the Silver Plan, which is free for life. Level up with the Gold Plan, priced at $10/month and you’ll get more storage space, videos and photos descriptions. Business owners will want the $20/month premium Platinum Plan.





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Peace of mind starts here — and it’s on your terms. Sign up for a year subscription to one of our premium plans and get two months for free. Or pay monthly for the same level of access. (See Pricing).

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